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Video Transcripts : How Do I Find Dissertaions?

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To start searching for dissertations. use the ProQuest dissertations and theses database. To access this database go to the databases A to Z list at Library website. Presenter selects Databases & Journals (a-z) from tile menu under quick links and Scholar OneSearch.
Click on P and then locate ProQuest dissertations and theses in the list. Library Databases A-Z List. Presenter selects P and then ProQuest from list.
This database searches dissertations and theses from all over the world. To search for dissertations on your topic type keywords into the search box at the top of the page. You may end up retrieving thousands of results. So to help narrow it down, consider searching for your topic just within the document title. To locate dissertations written at Northeastern, type Northeastern University into the second search box and choose university slash institution from the drop-down menu to the right of the search. In the first search box, you can either use search terms related to your topic or if you have one in mind, you can search for a specific dissertation by title. If you want to further limit the Northeastern dissertations to just the ones that have been written in your program, you can use the add a row button to add a row of search boxes. In this new search box enter the name of your department. Then from the drop-down menu to the right of the search select department DEP. When you run your search, you will see only the results that match your search terms and that were written in your academic program. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Advanced Search page.
ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Advanced Search page. Look Up Advisors pop-up window. Presenter selects variations of Joseph McNabb.
If you don't see your adviser, they might not have supervised dissertations before or they might have had a change of name. If you leave the other search fields blank, you will return all of the dissertations supervised by your advisor in the database when you click search. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Advanced Search page with names listed in advisor field.
You can also add search terms at the top of the page if you want to see what your advisor might have supervised on a particular topic. Search results page. Presenter adds community college keywords to in progress search using search box at top of page.
To find dissertations with a specific theoretical framework, combine the desired framework or frameworks with your topic in the search boxes. In this example, we've searched for dissertations in which juvenile delinquency is viewed through the lenses of string theory and control theory. Advanced search page and results for (strain theory) AND (control theory) AND (juvenile delinquency)
Let's take a look at this dissertation. Unfortunately, ProQuest dissertations and theses does not have the PDF of this dissertation available. However, there is some good news. This dissertation was written by a doctoral candidate at North Carolina State University. Universities frequently maintain online repositories of scholarly materials written by students and faculty at that institution, including dissertations and theses. Presenter selects “theoretical investigation of the causes of juvenile delinquency in Ukraine: toward integration of classic strain and control theories” from results list and opens item record. House highlights full text options, which only offers “report a problem” and “check for full text” links.
So a good first step is to check NC state's online dissertation and thesis collection. You can generally find University Repositories through a quick Google search. Let's see if this dissertation is available. As shown here, this dissertation is freely available online through N.C. State. Presenter pastes dissertation title into NC state theses and dissertation repository search. The example dissertation appears at the top of the results list. Presenter opens item record and then the PDF of the dissertation.
If you can't find a dissertation text in ProQuest or through a repository at the author's home institution, you can request a copy through NU's Illiad interlibrary loan system. Select the interlibrary loan link on the right side of the library home page. Then choose access your Illiad account from the options offered. Once you've logged in with your my Northeastern username and password select the thesis request under Make a new request for both dissertations and theses. Then fill out the required fields. Library home page. Presenter closes overlap to open full website view. Then clicks the interlibrary loan, then Illiad account links. Presenter selects thesis from the make a new request menu in the main navigation. Screen shows resulting request form.
Need more help? Have questions. Ask a librarian. You can call, email, chat or come visit us in person. Closing Slide: Ask a Librarian
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