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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the library catalog to find an e-book. How To Find an E-Book Title Slide
Start by going to the library's homepage,, and type the title of the book you want into Scholar OneSearch. You can also search by the topic of a book rather than just the title. The title of the ebook that I'm looking for is called "Green Chemistry" and the author's last name is Lancaster. Northeastern University Library Website, view zooms in on Scholar OneSearch.
Because the title is also a common concept, you'll find a lot of other resources mixed in with our e-book, including journals and journal articles. To narrow down our search, we could put quotes around our title here so that we're pulling back just things that have this exact phrase or we could limit to a specific material type such as e-books. Using this filter on the left-hand side, I can check the box next to e-books and click apply filter in order to bring back just e-books. With this filter applied, our e-book comes straight to the top. If I needed to narrow this down further, I could use additional filters on the left-hand side of the page or add in a new concept to my search box. Scholar OneSearch interface showing a search and results for green chemistry. Presenter describes how quotation marks could be applied to the active search in the search box, then applies the e-book filter from the left pane.
Click on the title of the book to show some more information about it. On this page, I can see how I would be able to access this book. This book is available both as a print book and as an e-book. The print book information is available at the top here located in the stacks with this specific call number. If I wanted to view this book as an e-book, I could access it through either of these providers. Green Chemistry: An Introductory Text item page in ScholarOne. E-Book Providers are listed under View Online. Presenter clicks on the Royal Society of Chemistry link.
Each eBook layout will look slightly different depending on the provider. Depending on the provider, you may be able to download PDFs, download the book, typically for a limited period of time, or read the book online. In this case, I'm able to download the PDF by locating the chapter that I'm interested in and then clicking on download PDF. Green Chemistry item page in the Royal Society of Chemistry database. Presenter scrolls down page and clicks download PDF for Catalysis and Green Chemistry. The PDF opens in the browser.
Thank you for watching this tutorial. For additional help or any other questions you may have, please reach out to us at Closing Slide: Ask a Librarian