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Video Transcripts : Creating a Review in Rayyan

Creating a Review in Rayyan Descriptive Transcript

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Welcome to creating a review in Rayyan, a tutorial from Northeastern University libraries. Creating a Review in Rayyan title slide.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a new review in Rayyan and import search results. At this point, you already ran all your database searches and you exported your search results from the databases. Now you want to begin screening your search results.  
Rayyan is a great choice tool for screening articles. Rayyan is free and publicly available, so you don't need to be affiliated with Northeastern to access Rayyan. You can sign up for the first time or sign in to an existing account from the links in the upper right. Rayyan website. Red arrow highlights sign-in and sign-up options at the end of the main menu.
Upon signing into Rayyan your dashboard appears. If you have just created an account with Rayyan your dashboard will be empty. Step one is to click on new review, which will be under the my reviews tab, the default tab, which opens upon signing into your account. Rayyan dashboard with open to the default tab, My Reviews. Red arrow highlights the new review option at the end of the list of reviews.
Step two is to give your review a title. You could simply copy and paste your review title from your protocol. You can add an optional description if you would like. Once you have input this information, click on create. Dashboard with New Review expanded to show Title and Description (optional) and create button.
Step three is to upload your first file of citations by clicking select files. This will allow you to select one file from your hard drive. On the right side of the page under migration guides, you will find a full list of file types Rayyan supports. We tend to recommend using .ris or .nbib files as they tend to be the most reliable formats here. Step four, click on continue once you have selected a file. Upload references tab, including file manager options and migration guide information.
You will then be brought to a page like this. Your citations should now be uploaded into your review. Keep in mind, it may take a few seconds for the review to fully populate with all of your results. Rayyon Review. Thin left column includes inclusion decisions, search methods, keywords to include, and keywords to exclude. Main column includes review title, options, and citation information.
If you need to add an additional file, select add new from the search methods box on the left side of the screen. Follow the same procedures as mentioned earlier to upload every additional file. Upload references page.
Keep in mind you can return to your dashboard at any time by clicking on all reviews in the upper right. Rayyan Review page
Your new review now appears in your dashboard. Dashboard showing new review.
Ready to move forward? View our additional tutorials in this series. Thanks for watching. For additional help or questions, please contact the library. Closing slide listing additional Rayyan tutorials: Inviting Collaborators to your Rayyan Review, Deduplicating in Rayyan, Title / abstract Screening using Rayyan, and Full Text Screening using Rayyan.
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