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Do you need to find peer reviewed articles for your class assignment? This video tutorial will show you how.

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Peer review is a process where an article submitted to a journal is reviewed and critiqued by other subject matter experts. These experts determine if the article is worthy of publication.

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You can use Scholar OneSearch, the library's catalog and discovery system, to find peer reviewed articles. Scholar OneSearch is on the library homepage above the Research box. Type in a few keywords related to your topic, such as climate change. Then click on the red search button.

In the Filter My Results panel, look for the peer reviewed journals filter. You can find it to the left of your search results under the Show Only heading. Clicking on this filter and clicking Apply Filters will limit your results to peer reviewed journals.

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You can also find peer reviewed articles in individual library databases. To get started, click the Databases link after the Scholar OneSearch box on the library homepage. From the databases list, click on the dropdown menu under All Database Types then select Articles.

You can choose a database from the list and log in using your Northeastern username and password. To limit to articles in a particular subject area use the All Subjects dropdown menu. In the database look for a button that says peer reviewed, scholarly journals, academic journals, or articles. This option may look different in different databases. With that option checked, your search should only be showing you results that have been published in peer reviewed journals.

Screenshare of the A-Z Database list and example filters in a few databases

If you don't see one of these options in the database you're using view the tutorial on how to know if an article is peer reviewed. Keep in mind that not everything published in a peer reviewed journal is a peer reviewed article. Academic journals also publish editorials, book reviews, commentaries, and other short pieces.

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If you are unsure, do one last visual check. The full text of articles will often include labels or cues that identify the text type. This piece is identified as a commentary. To learn more about the other cues to check for view the scholarly versus non scholarly sources tutorial. Example article and commentary information in ScholarOne Search
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