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After you've gathered and analyzed statistics or data sets and incorporated your findings into the final project, there are a few important tasks remaining. Citing and presenting data and statistics title slide
The first is presentation. How will you present the data or statistics to your audience? Is it better to include a table or an infographic in your presentation? Does one format work well in a class presentation while another works best in text design for an individual reader? Your instructor can advise you about these choices. Sample citizen Voting-Age population data in a table and infographic format.
Like books and articles, datasets, charts and infographics must be cited and included in the work cited list or bibliography of your project. The NU libraries citations and bibliographies guide is a good starting point. Standard guides like the Chicago Manual of Style or the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association provide sample statistical and data set citations. Screenshot of Northeastern library Citations and Bibliographies Guide with link. Then, Frequently used Style Guides list is highlighted.
A number of organizations also provide citation guides for statistics and data sets. Here's an example from I Assist, a social sciences organization which supports data users. Quick Guide to Data Citation screenshot.
This second example from the APA style blog provides citation advice as well as sample data set citations. The style blog is an excellent resource for citation help with nontraditional sources, from data sets to tweets to online maps. APA Style Blog entry for Data Set References.
Many library databases provide citation assistance. In this example, from the Roper Center's iPoll Public Opinion Database, notes associated with the graphic describe the survey and provide a link to a suggested citation format. Example bar chart and reference information.
In this second example from Statista, the database generated citation may not be entirely correct, since it includes an NU libraries proxy link. This illustrates an important point, although citation generation tools are helpful we're still responsible for understanding correct citation style and modifying auto generated citations accordingly. Total number of human trafficking victims identified worldwide in 2016, by region bar chart with citation.
Total number of human trafficking victims identified worldwide in 2016, by region bar chart with citation. Closing Slide: Ask a Librarian