Stressed and Worried?

Stressed and worried?

Support is available for all Northeastern students. If you are a student on one of the university’s global campuses, local resources can be found here. 

  •  University Health and Counseling Services: Provides confidential medical and mental health services for students located in Massachussetts.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: Provides confidential mental health services to students on the Oakland campus.
  • Find@Northeastern: provides students with a variety of mental health resources. Full-time degree-seeking students across the Global University System can connect to confidential 24/7 urgent mental health support by calling 877.233.9477 (US), 855.229.8797 (Canada), or +1.781.457.7777 (International), unlimited free counseling sessions through Uwill, and access to Headspace. Additionally, all Northeastern students can access a moderated peer-to-peer platform through Togetherall.
  • We Care: Creates a support system to help students when significant issues arise that impede their success.
  • Office of Prevention and Education at Northeastern: Provides confidential, non-judgmental check-ins for students on topics related to alcohol and other drugs, sexual violence prevention and sexual health.
  • Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service: Attends to spiritual needs and offers confidential support and guidance.
  • Disability Resource Center: Ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to the academic experience at Northeastern and recommends accommodations that provide an equivalent experience.
  • Supporting Student Mental Health Guides: Include information about warning signs to look for and information on connecting students with appropriate campus partners when they need extra support. This collection includes guides for Boston, Oakland and the Global Campus University System.

Resources for NU Affiliates

University Support Services for NU Affiliates

Northeastern University Human Resources (HR)

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Please be aware that most e-books are readable through a browser or through an e-book reader (Nook or Kindle, for example) depending on publisher.

Check your Global Campus Library Portal for local library information.

At the Boston Campus --How to Request books from Remote Annex
Available at School of Law --book may be found at the School of Law Library.


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