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Suggested resources in psychology.

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Kathy Herrlich, librarian for Psychology, is currently on leave. 

For research help and/or questions, please send us an email and a librarian will get back to you as soon as they can.

For class requests or anything else, please reach out to Alissa Link Cilfone.

Key Resources for Psychology

Looking for something not on this list? See Core Resources for Article Searching in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences to learn about: PsycArticles, BrowZine, ERIC, Sage Research Methods, Mental Measurements Yearbook, HAPI (Health and Psychosocial Instruments), Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, Medline, Embase, and Academic Search Complete.

FEATURED RESOURCE: -- Watch expert psychotherapists demonstrate techniques and comment on their work. Includes 100+ videos. 
Browse this streaming video library:    By Approach  -- By Therapeutic Issue  -- By Expert -- By Population


Online Access to DSM 5

DSM-5 TR (text revision) is available online to NU affiliates.  It is part of a package called PsychiatryOnline Premium collection and includes the DSM 5, DSM 5 text revision, handbook of differential diagnosis, DSM-5 Handbook On The Cultural Formulation Interview, clinical case book, practice guidelines from the American Psychiatric Association, and other core texts.  Learn more about the DSM, how it's used, and the most recent revision

NOTE re: previous editions of the DSM

Background information

This resource is recommended for background information.

Do you need more explanation about a topic than is contained in a peer-reviewed article? In the Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences you will find a brief (8-10 page) overview of each topic, tracing major developments in the research over time. 

For example:

Search Executive Functioning 

for a definition and brief summary of research on this topic


FOR A PEEK INSIDE: for example, see this entry on Awe and the Natural Environment or this one on Eating Disorders

APA Handbook of Testing and Assessment in Psychology

Research Tools and Tips

Looking for a specific item for which you know the title? Use these quick search tools:

•  Books

Use the Scholar OneSearch Browse search to find books by title or author.

•  Ejournals

Use the Ejournal finder (search by title, e-only).


Use the A-Z database list.



The Library now subscribes to all sections of JoVE.* The library's subscription includes these sections: Biology -- Advanced Biology -- Core Statistics -- Cancer Research -- Medicine -- Neuroscience -- Bioengineering -- Immunology and Infection-- and more.

It also includes the JoVE Science Education Database, which consists of: Basic Biology, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, Clinical Skills, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, and Physics.

Some of the newest sections are JoVE Lab ManualJoVE Video Textbook, ,JoVE Encyclopedia of Experiments, and Open Educational Resources (textbooks).


For faculty integrating JOVE content into your courses, please see this new guide: JoVE: Using JoVE in your Classroom and Research Lab 


*Previously the subscription included only these sections: Biology, Medicine, Neuroscience, Bioengineering, Immunology and Infection, and these parts of JoVE Science Education Database: Basic Biology, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. 

Selected ebooks

Follow the link; then click on the bolded, blue link to get to full text.

Psychology News from the APA

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Health news from the New York Times

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Which of these is most likely to contain a scholarly article in psychology?
PsycArticles: 11 votes (73.33%) 2 votes (13.33%)
Kanopy: 1 votes (6.67%)
International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences: 1 votes (6.67%)
Total Votes: 15
Which of these might help me to locate a magazine article about "how to help my child with autism navigate school"?
Academic Search Complete: 2 votes (20%)
PsycInfo: 5 votes (50%)
JSTOR: 1 votes (10%)
PsycArticles: 2 votes (20%)
Total Votes: 10
Which of these would help me to find the diagnostic criteria for Bipolar II Disorder?
SpringerLink: 0 votes (0%)
PsycInfo: 0 votes (0%)
Medline: 0 votes (0%)
DSM 5: 15 votes (100%)
Total Votes: 15

Campus resources

Northeastern University Research Centers and Departments

Counseling & Applied Educational Psychology (Bouve College)

Psychology Department (College of Science)

Human Services Program (College of Social Sciences and Humanities)

Bachelor of Science in Human Services (CSSH)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (CPS)

Center for Cognitive and Brain Health -- 

Its mission is to "investigate the effects of lifestyle choices and health behaviors (e.g., physical activity, diet)  and their physiological sequelae (e.g., fitness, adiposity) on brain and cognition."

Husky to Husky Peer Education Network


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