Selected International Affairs Agencies

Many federal departments and agencies have units which work in the international affairs space. Visit department websites and scan their organization charts to identify these units. Selected international-facing federal agencies are listed below.

Selected Publications and Databases

Selected Data Sources and Databases


Selected NU Library Resources

Visit the International Affairs Guide Digital Newspapers site to initiate or access your subscription to NU Library supported news. These resources include titles like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Nikkei Asia.

Visit the International Affairs Guide Digital News Platforms site to connect with a wide range of news outlets. Most of these digital providers offer opportunities to sign up for newsletters, listen to podcasts, etc. These resources include titles like Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, the Atlantic, and the Economist.

FEATURED RESOURCE: Policy Commons Policy Commons is presently the world's largest source of grey literature. It provides access to reports and publications produced by IGOs, NGOs, think tanks, non-profits, university research centers, advocacy groups, and other organizations whose work is not always accessible through standard publishing channels.