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Selected Congressional Publications

The Library provides access to both contemporary and historical collections of Congressional materials.

Selected Historical Congressional Publications

Other Legislative Branch Agenices - Congressional Research Service (CRS)

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) deserves special mention because of the scope, quality, and relevance of its research output. CRS researchers are experts in their fields and bring years of experience and analytical insight to their work.

The CRS prepares thoroughly researched studies of issues and government programs for members of Congress. Topics are as varied as the work/interests of Congress, so the scope is great. 

Historically, CRS materials weren't routinely made available to the public and had to be sought through a variety of intermediary organizations which made it their business to collect CRS reports. Some of those organizations are noted below for readers in search of historical materials.

The CRS site on has been the official site for reports since 2018 when public access was initiated.

Other Legislative Branch Resources

In addition to Congress, the legislative branch includes a number of other important agencies.  Please see the separate section on CRS, the Congressonal Research Service.

Selected Educational Materials

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