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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Fall 2022 Training for Library Ambassadors

Fall 2022 Training for Library Ambassadors 

Accounts & Items Needed 

  • LibAnswers Account 

  • Microsoft Teams Channel 

  • Red Vest! 



Library Ambassadors will make 2 rounds each hour, covering both the 3rd and 4th floors. Sometime in the top of the hour and the bottom of each hour. Using this form (Snell Library Noise Fall 2022 (, ambassadors can record both general impressions of the noise levels on that floor along with actual numbers of the complaints they’ve received for the hour.  

There’s not a specific time that the rounds need to take place which is good! This way our patrons won’t begin to expect or plan around when an ambassador appears. The form can either be filled out at the end of the hour and representing both the first and second round together or filled out after each round.  


The Library Ambassador should login to LibAnswers and view the dashboard. The only queue they have access to is the Access Services one. This will contain all tickets including SMS text messages sent to the IDEAS department.  

Things to go over: 

  • Standby Alerts: On vs. Off 

  • Hyperlink to open a ticket 

  • Un-claiming when clicking on it was an error 

  • The little eye next to the subject to preview the ticket for those pesky messages that just say “Hello” 

  • Macros specifically the ones for noise 

  • SMS vs. non-SMS response 

  • Editing the text of the macro so it’s appropriate to the initial post 

  • 160 characters max: including punctuation and spaces. Two messages 

  • I need more space/ I need less space 

  • GLAO – Hi is only 2 characters! Overly formal language can be too long

  • Tags - Noise 

  • Submitting and the 4 statuses 

  • New – No responses yet! 

  • Open – they’re waiting for a response from us 

  • Pending – we’re waiting for a response from a patron 

  • Closed – it’s okay to leave tickets not closed it; that way it will remain in the queue visible for those that come afterwards.