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This guide is here for you to find resources related to health science topics but is more specifically put together for the Northeastern University Health Sciences program (Boston and Oakland).

This guide will contain resources and content (core databases, journals and texts) that are commonly used in all of the disciplines.

This page highlights a few key databases, additional databases are listed on the page Find articles, literature..

Given that each student in the health sciences program may be pursuing other health professions, additional research guides for specific areas are listed below. Each delves deeper into subject specific content and may have a different library liaison listed. You can still reach out to one of us for help..

Additional subject area guides:

For your on campus resources, such as print books, please refer to your library homepage.

Oakland: F.W. Olin Library

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Boston: Snell Library

outisde of Boston Snell Library

Key Sciences Resources

Key Health (Medical) Sciences Resources

Highlighted here are 3 of the "Best Bet" databases for publications on health related topics. Public Health covers a broad range of subjects which means that beyond these resources there may be a need to look at other subjects and disciplines. Additional recommendations for other areas can be found on the Find articles page.

Tips on searching for literature

Research takes time and can be challenging for everyone. Searching a library database also requires different skills than using a search engine. There are strategies that can help and we've prepared other guides and tutorials for you.

Here are some quick tips with links to more in-depth guides.