Key Resources for Psychology

Literature Databases

Welcome to literature searching! As your psychology librarian, I'm here to help. I encourage you to approach your search by thinking of it as an iterative, ongoing discovery process. You will get better with practice. If you get stuck, send me an email or set up an online consultation.

To get familiar with searching the psychology literature, I suggest one of the following two databases: PsycInfo if you need to do a comprehensive search, PsycArticles if you need to find a few articles. Both are scholarly and research-based. PsycInfo searches a larger universe of psychology literature. PsycArticles searches a smaller one, but is a bit easier to use; it pulls up fewer results, and all will be full text. More databases are listed on the Find Articles page. 

Background information


ebook collection

In addition to the collection of DSM texts, we have other titles available here.


Online Access to DSM 5

DSM-5 TR (text revision) is included (Opens in new window). DSM-5 Handbook On The Cultural Formulation Interview, clinical case book, practice guidelines from the American Psychiatric Association, and other core texts.  

Learn more about the DSM, how it's used, and the most recent revision.


FOR A PEEK INSIDE: for example, see this entry on Awe and the Natural Environment (Opens in new window) or this one on Eating Disorders (Opens in new window)