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Try Public Agenda, a nonpartisan, non-profit site that profiles current issues.

Older DSMs

NOTE: There has been a change. Older editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders are no longer included in our PsychiatryOnline Premium Collection package.

You may be able to find a free PDF of the edition that you need, such as this 1987 DSM III-R in the Internet Archive. Please contact me if you are unable to find the edition that you need. 


A newspaper may be the first place that a research study in psychology is widely reported.

The formal report on a study (as an "original article" in a scholarly journal) takes longer to be published.  Searches in the following databases will pull up results from the science section and general news section of major newspapers, as well as any other part of the newspaper that mentions a particular study. 

See a full list of available News sources at the University Libraries, including contemporary and historical newspapers.

Search Tip: It is easy to get inundated with results. 

f possible, search for words associated with a specific event, person, trend, or even a slang phrase rather than general keywords.  For example, instead of "psychology research," try "sleep deprivation and memory."  If you are unfamiliar with a topic, start with a general search and then redo the search when you discover the names of specific people and events associated with it.

Health news from the New York Times

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The Library now subscribes to all sections of JoVE.* The library's subscription includes these sections: Biology -- Advanced Biology -- Core Statistics -- Cancer Research -- Medicine -- Neuroscience -- Bioengineering -- Immunology and Infection-- and more.

It also includes the JoVE Science Education Database, which consists of: Basic Biology, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, Clinical Skills, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, and Physics.

Some of the newest sections are JoVE Lab ManualJoVE Video Textbook, ,JoVE Encyclopedia of Experiments, and Open Educational Resources (textbooks).

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For faculty integrating JOVE content into your courses, please see this new guide: JoVE: Using JoVE in your Classroom and Research Lab 


*Previously the subscription included only these sections: Biology, Medicine, Neuroscience, Bioengineering, Immunology and Infection, and these parts of JoVE Science Education Database: Basic Biology, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.