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Older DSMs

NOTE: There has been a change. Older editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders are no longer included in our PsychiatryOnline Premium Collection (Opens in new window) package.

You may be able to find a free PDF of the edition that you need, such as this 1987 DSM III-R in the Internet Archive. Please contact me if you are unable to find the edition that you need. 

Sage Research Methods

Sage Research Methods(Opens in new window) 


Check Sage's Research Basics page for Psychology (Opens in new window)and for Counseling and Psychotherapy(Opens in new window).

Use the Project Planner(Opens in new window) to get an overview of the research process.  

Little Blue Books (Opens in new window) cover qualitative methods (answering questions such as "How do I research drug-related violence?")

Little Green Books(Opens in new window) cover quantitative methods (answering questions such as "Where can I learn more about analysis of variance?")


New encyclopedia

FOR A PEEK INSIDE: for example, see this entry on Awe and the Natural Environment (Opens in new window) or this one on Eating Disorders (Opens in new window)

Book Catalog

IMPORTANT: Within Scholar OneSearch, limit your search to "Boston Catalogs" in the drop down menu to find books and ebooks.


APA Books E-collection (Opens in new window) contains the full text of 80 books relating to behavioral sciences from the American Psychological Association.