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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual



Daily until we no longer have the hamper by the alumni reading room: Return items

Using Alma, check in items from the bin.

  • Pay special attention to notes that pop up from Alma when you scan the barcodes! There might be other patrons waiting for the items that are returned or fines that will need to be waived.
  • Ensure there is an empty bin in the area where the Library Returns bin is and place it with the Library Returns label facing toward the patrons entering the library.


Sitting at the H&I desk, covering WebChat, walk in questions, returns and the central departmental phone (617-373-8778)

Serving as Supervisor on Duty (no other staff present) cover the supervisor's phone (617-373-2364) and be available for assistants at both physical service points.

Shelve any items that need to be shelved

Projects as available. (Example: inventorying board game collection components)

Examples: Cover breaks for student employees at any service point; read through transactions/ trainings keep track of deliveries; contact staff and provide updates about issues

Separate temporary from Permanent Storage:

1.) Using a repository search in Alma, search the barcode of items with a location of stacks. 

2.) View the item record for that barcode.

3.) Under the Notes tab, check if there is an indicator in Internal Note 3 that says CoMo2StacksTemp

4.) If that indicator is not in the record, place the item with Permanent Storage. (Note: Most of the items will be Temporary Storage and have the indicator CoMo2StacksTemp.