As you've learned, library work uses a lot of jargon. This box will provide some definitions of jargon you may hear when discussing circulating items.

Alma - Alma is the Library Management Software we use to maintain patron records and manage all our items. H&I Desk Assistants use Alma to check in, check out and scan in items.

Barcode - The barcode of an item is located on the back of the item. Each item has a unique barcode and number that you can scan into Alma.

Circulating/Circulate - The act of loaning out or returning items to the library.

Collection - All the resources Snell Library holds are the collection.

Desensitize/Desensitizer - Each item has a little magnet inside of it that will set off an alarm at the two large gates at the library exit. The desensitizers are machines that turn on or off the magnets in the books.

Holds - Items that have been requested by a patron which are “held for” and shelved by last name.

Items - An item can be anything in our collection. Since we don't just loan out books, we call all loanable books, CDs, DVDs, board games, "items".

Loan/Loan out/Check out – To borrow an item from the library, you “loan/loan out/check out” the item by scanning the barcode to their account.

Paperwork- Used for Inter-Library Loan (ILL). A sticker, loose paper, or band wrapped around a book telling you the library’s name, transaction number (TN), title, and due date.

Patron - A patron is a member of the Northeastern community who can check in or out books.

Reference - Physical materials containing useful facts, as an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, yearbook, etc. These materials are set aside and have shortened loan periods and are often restricted to in-library use.

Renew - Extend the loan period of an item on a patrons account.

Reserves - Physical materials that the library temporarily sets aside for class reading and viewing at a faculty member's request. These materials have shortened loan periods and are often restricted to in-library use.

Return/Check in - Return an item to the library. Other patrons can now check out this book.

Title - Another word for book.