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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Resource Sharing 101

Incoming Borrowing (loans from other institutions)

Any loan material in the incoming mail from non-Northeastern libraries will go on this truck.  Here is the truck:

Here is the sign:

Northeastern Loan Returns

Any Northeastern Libraries loan return from the mail with our pull slip will go on this truck.  Slip goes in the bin, book goes on the truck.  Here is the truck with bin:

Here is the sign:

Interlibrary Loan Returns

ILLiad Borrowing loans that NU patrons have returned to the Circulation Desk or that have expired off the Hold Shelf.  In order to process these materials, please refer to the “ILLiad Borrowing Returns Processing Guide.”  Here is the truck:

Here is the sign:

There are corresponding trucks on the first floor next to our Courier truck.  Please do not move as Circ staff add returns here throughout each day.  Instead, use an empty truck to transfer books from here to our office space for processing.  See here:

Northeastern UFOs / Snell Books to be checked in

These books used to go to Pamela.  Any Northeastern books that comes in the mail without our pull slip will go on this truck.  Here is the truck:

At the end of the day, all the books on this truck will be transferred to its partner truck in 270SL for staff there to process.  Don’t forget to bring our truck back with its sign.  In our back hallway, if you walk down the hallway past the bathrooms and the janitor’s closet on your left is the door to 270SL.  Your cards give you tap access.  There are 2 doors you will need to pass through. 

Here is door 1:

Then straight ahead to door 2:

Against the wall to your left where the windows are will be the partner truck.  Here is the truck:

Here is the sign:

Misc for Molly (I don’t know what this is)

Any other material that does not fall in one of the other truck categories and you have no idea what to do with will go on this truck.  There are 2 in front of Molly’s cubicle.  Please, leave a post it on the material with a date describing what the issue is.  Here are the trucks:

Here is what the signs above them look like:

Student Computer Stations

Username:  circ

Password:  H3LP!2015




Username:  illstudent

Password:  illstudent





Electronic Delivery Utility

Username:  illstudent

Password:  ill






Username:  NED

Password:  NE4rapid





Password:  ILL$tudent




Username:  SnellFedEx

Password:  Sn3llFedEx




Username:  neu.snell

Password:  shipill




***update ILLiad Borrowing requests that are going onto the Hold Shelf***

Username:  ILLstud

Password:  ResourceSharing




***Return Items: check in returning NU loans and ILLiad Borrowing books being shipped back to their home libraries***

Username:  circstud2

Password:  #SFyc4ey