LC Call Number Training

What are Call Numbers?

Call numbers are what we use to organize books on the shelves. They're basically just a way of indicating a book's subject and author in a condense way. There are a few different kinds of call numbers, but here at Snell we use Library of Congress. Complete the tutorial below that will introduce you to Library of Congress call numbers. These numbers can look very intimidating at first, but don't worry: as long as you can put them in alphabetical and numerical order, you'll be fine. In other words, if you know your alphabet, and you can count, you are set!

This tutorial should take approximately 25 minutes to complete. If you have any questions, you can ask your supervisor or any supervisor at the desk. The last page will ask you for your name and position (Stacks Assistant). Be sure to fill out this page to receive credit for the training. 

Once you've completed the tutorial and emailed your supervisor, you're ready to work! The next tab will tell you what to do for your first shift and beyond.

Off you go!

Stacks Search Tips


4th floor – NO SHELVING

3rd floor – NO SHELVING

2nd floor – NO SHELVING

1st floor – Reserves

  1. The most important thing is to make sure that you’re looking for item in the correct location.  Each pull slip lists both call number and location.  Please refer to the above floor reference guide and the maps for locations of our shelving areas.
  2. Try to locate the item in the stacks.
  3. If it is not in the exact location in the stacks, then check the general area around that spot.  The item could be just a couple books to the left or right of the exact spot where it is supposed to be.
  4. If you still cannot find the item, then mark the slip as NOS and place it in the “NOS – Not On Shelf” bin in Pamela’s cubicle.


Call Number Reminders

  1. Alphabetical
  2. Numerical
  3. Numbers before letters (ex. Call numbers K1-1 billion would be before KF1-1 billion would be KFC1-1billion)
  4. After the first grouping of number and letter in the call number, all numbers read after will be read as a decimal point number (ex. PN1995. M42 2005 would be before PN1995. M5 2005)

Additional Training Guides

The Kent State University training guide is also good: