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Student Worker Manual

IDEAS Student Employee Manual

Verifying a Space Booking

Backup Supervisors should follow these steps if asked to check or verify a room booking on behalf of a patron (like when you have two groups claiming the same booking).   

Note: Anyone who has properly reserved a space has priority over someone who has not reserved the space. 

For questions about room and space booking in Snell visit the Library's FAQs.

To search for current, future, or space bookings within LibCal, click on Spaces > Booking Explorer

Once in the Booking Explorer:


  1. Select the Location and Category you want to view from the dropdowns at the top of the page.  
  2. Use the Status dropdown to view only bookings with a specific status (tentative, confirmed, cancelled, etc.), or select "Show All" to view all bookings.
  3. Use the Date filter to view bookings within a specific date range.
  4. Use the Grouping dropdown to choose whether or not to group bookings together.
    • Show Each Booking: this option will show each booking individually. 

    • Group By Email: this will group bookings together by patron, using their email address, showing you the total number of bookings and minutes per person. 

    • Group By Room: this will group bookings together by room, showing you the total number of bookings and minutes per space.

  5. Use the Search field to search for bookings by keywords in either the patron's email address, patron's name, booking's public nickname, or the booking's form answers.  
  6. To search for bookings system-wide, select the Search All Locations checkbox.  
  7.  Use the Go button to apply your filters.
  8. For future bookings, click on the To date & time if you would like to change the booked space, start date/time, and/or end date/time. 
  9.  The Status column will display the current status of the booking.
    • If the booking was cancelled by an admin, the name of the account the cancelled the booking will be displayed and the date and time of the cancellation will be viewable by hovering over the icon