Library Floor Maps

Snell Lower Level

The lower (basement) level of the library is split into two sections, though only the classrooms are available now.

The entrance to the Snell Library Basement Classrooms (SL 001 – 049) can be found on the front patio outside of the Snell Library main entrance. Unlike most other Snell Library locations classrooms are not accessible inside the library proper.


Snell 1st Floor

The 1st floor of the library, like the lower level, is split between a classroom space and a library space.

If someone is looking for Snell Library Classrooms (SL 107-125), then they should exit back into the foyer and turn left.

However, if someone is seeking general library access, they need only to use the Snell Library main entrance; accessible up the stairs from the Egan quad.

Walk-in research help is available Monday through Friday, 11 AM - 3 PM in the office located next to the Help & Information Desk on the ITS side.

Snell 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor of the library is accessible via the main staircase and elevators.

Some of the information below is out-of-date. Rooms and sections may be referred to by different names going forward. Please be patient as we continue to update this section.

The first space you find upon entering the floor will be the Digital Media CommonsThis title encompasses most of the study area on the floor and includes the Tech Bar as well as five DMC Group Study Rooms (DMC 1-5).



Next to the DMC desk is the 3D Printing StudioThis self-managed space is where students and other NEU affiliates can utilize 3D Printing capability for their projects. The 3D Printing Studio is open 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

RECORDING STUDIOS (DMC Studios, SL 202 and 203)

On the far side of the 3D Printing Studio are the Recording Studios. There are Audio and Video recording available, as well as equipment for recording and conducting studio session that can be loaned out to patrons. 202 & 203 are media playback and editing rooms where patrons can watch media (DVDs).



Taking a right out of the main staircase can lead a patron to the Digital Scholarship CommonsThe Digital Scholarship Commons is a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment where faculty and doctoral students engaged in research and instruction and share best practices in the use of technology and information resources to support a wide range of research and instructional needs. It is only open to faculty, staff, and doctoral students and requires a Husky card to gain access.



This is the upstairs help desk for ITS where patrons should take hardware questions, repair requests, and other ITS questions that are not about checking out AV materials.


Snell 3rd Floor

The 3rd floor of the library is accessible via the main staircase and elevators. Previously the location for the library stacks, the third floor is now being used for study space. There are also graduate study rooms, the Office of the Library Dean, and the offices for Information Technology Services. 

Snell 4th Floor

The fourth floor is under construction and is not accessible during renovations.


Work Room Map