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Nursing: Clinical Resources: Diagnosis, Drug Info, Physical Exam, Guidelines, Anatomy

This page provides a starting point for your research.

Clinical Resources

Use the links below to find clinical resources:

Point of Care Resources                                       Physical Exam         
Differential Diagnosis
Practice Guidelines
Tests                                                    AnatomyTV
Drug Information  
Anatomy and Medical Images                  


Point of Care Resources

Anatomy and Medical Images

Links to websites for medical images of human anatomy and physiology

Anatomy TV

Anatomy & Physiology Revealed
This resource is part of the AccessPhysiotherapy suite of multimedia databases from McGraw-Hill. An interactive cadaver dissection experience. This unique multimedia study aid is designed to help you explore human anatomy using cadaver specimens and master physiology concepts through animation. Digital dissections allow unlimited drill and practice - anytime, anywhere. Detailed information and audio pronunciations build anatomical knowledge, and comprehensive quizzing reinforces learning.

Compatible with IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari.

      You will need to allow pop-ups in your web browser to view all the content.

Ovid's Anatomy TV Primal Pictures is a comprehensive multimedia suite of interactive modules featuring highly accurate 3D models of the human body.  Animations illustrate function, biomechanics and movement, as well as treatments and surgical procedures.Modules include systemic anatomy, regional anatomy, sports & therapy, surgery and specialty titles.  We now offer UNLIMITED SIMULTANEOUS USER ACCESS to this resource.
= > Demonstrate muscle function in 3D with interactive animations that illustrate teh interaction of muscles, ligaments and bones
= > Review clinical videos to gain a better understanding of procedures and treatments
= > Peel away layers, zoom, rotate anatomical models 360 degrees, and reconstruct layers back to their original structure
= > Export images, text, movies, and animations to use in presentations and patient handouts

Physical Exam

Diagnostic Tests

Practice Guidelines

How Can I Find Practice Guidelines in Databases?
Databases are a rich source of guidelines. Select a database and conduct a search on the specific condition, for example, migraine

  • ClinicalKey: Click the "Guidelines" link, or search by topic and use the "Guidelines" filter.
  • Medline and CINAHL Complete:  look to the left of your results, click on "Show More" under the date limit slider, select "Practice Guideline" under the Publication Type filter, click "Search".
  • PubMed: look under the "Article Types" section to the left of your results, click on "Customize", select "Practice Guideline", click "Show", then click on the "Practice Guideline" option that is displayed under Article Types.
  • TRIP: look to the right of your results, select the "Guidelines" by evidence type.