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Doctor of Law and Policy : Articles and News

This page provides a starting point for your research.

Articles by Topic

Although these search tools are multidisciplinary, check the other tabs on this page for additional, specialized search tools in the areas of  business, development, education, and the environment.

Related Research Guides includePolitical Science and Federal Government.

Related Research Guides include Legal Research, Federal Government, and specialized subject guides from the NU School of Law Library.

Please note that a number of Law Library databases, including Westlaw and Lexis/Nexis are available only to Law School affiliates.

Related Research Guides include: Business and Economics.

Related Research Guides include: EducationPublic Health, Human Services, and Sociology.

Related Research Guides include: Sustainability and Environmental Research across Disciplines.  


Related Research Guides include Criminal Justice, Legal Research, Sociology, and Federal Government.

Below you'll find links to both current and historical news sources.  PressReader is a great resource for anyone planning to travel or study abroad!  It provides newspapers and magazines from over 60 countries, many in their original languages (translation of some titles available).

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Finding Articles

Need an article?  You may request articles that aren't available at NU in either print or electronic format.

Area residents may visit our BLC partner libraries.   Apply for a BLC card.

Out of area/online students - The Library does not deliver books and media to distance users at this time, although we're happy to help you identify local suppliers. If you live outside Greater Boston, consider using WorldCat to find books of interest at libraries in your area.  Local public libraries generally offer interlibrary loan services to card holders.

Check out our Types of Periodicals page to learn about the different kinds of journals/periodicals, including scholarly peer-reviewed journals, professional and trade publications, popular magazines and news, and opinion and commentary publications.

Use Ulrich's Web to find information about a journal, including its type (i.e., trade, consumer, scholarly, peer-reviewed).    In Ulrich's, the referee's shirt indicates peer-reviewed content.

Many library search engines provide a peer-reviewed selection box.  Once clicked, this feature limits search results to scholarly, peer-reviewed materials.  Many of the search engines available at NU provide this feature, including Criminal Justice Abstracts, Academic Search Complete, Sociological Abstracts, Education Research Complete and the Social Sciences Premium Collection.

Several core discovery tools for interdisciplinary peer-reviewed articles are described below:

Try these few basic tips and tricks to improve search results.  For additional help, check out our Top Ten Search Tips!

  • Don't limit search results to full-text articles only!  Use the library branded "check for full-text" links
  • Where available and appropriate, do limit searches to retrieve only peer-reviewed articles.
  • Put several similar terms together to increase search results, using the connector "or"...death penalty or capital punishment; guns or firearms.
  • Use additional terms to reduce search results; use the connector "and" clinical trials and dementia or human trafficking and prevention.
  • Too many results?  Try placing "quotation marks" around phrases. Many search engines, look for the individual words as well as the phrases; these search engines include Scholar OneSearch, Google Scholar, JSTOR, and Social Science Premium among others.  "political participation"  "climate change"
  • Use truncation (usually *) to retrieve different word endings  global* = global, globally, globalize, globalization, etc.
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Need more help?

Please contact Roxanne Palmatier or Christine Oka, library partners for the DLP program.