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Nursing: Books + Nursing Standards

A guide to online and print resources in nursing & nurse anesthesia.

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Library of Congress subject classifications for Nursing
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R         Medicine (general)
RA       Public Aspects of Medicine
RB       Pathology
RC       Internal Medicine
           71        Examination. Diagnosis
           266      Cancer nursing
           350.5    Neurologic nursing
           440       Psychiatric nursing
           674       Cardiovascular disease nursing
           735.5    Respiratory disease nursing
           954       Geriatric nursing

RD       Surgery
           99          Surgical nursing
RE        Opthalmology
            88         Ophthalmic nursing

RF      Otorhinolaryngology

RG      Gynecology and Obstetrics

          105        Gynecological nursing
          951        Maternity nursing

RJ      Pediatrics

         245          Pediatric nursing

RK      Dentistry

         60.5         Dental nursing

RL      Dermatology

         125          Dermatology nursing

RM     Therapeutics. Pharmacology

         125           Therapeutics and materia medica for nurses
         214           Diet therapy
         700           Physical therapy for nurses

RS      Pharmacy

RT      Nursing
          48 - 48.5   Nursing assessment
          48.6          Nursing diagnosis
          49             Care plans
          50.5          Nursing informatics
          71-81        Nursing--study & teaching
          81.5          Nursing--research
          82.8          Nurse practitioners
          83.3          Minorities in nursing
          84.5          Philosophy of Nursing. Nursing models
          85             Nursing ethics
          86.45        Mentoring in nursing
          86.54        Transcultural nursing
          89             Nursing administration
          98             Community health nursing
          120.15      Intensive care nursing

RV      Botanic, Thomsonian, and Eclectic Medicine

RX      Homeopathy

RZ      Other Systems of Medicine