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Asian American Studies : Research Methods

This is a resource guide of interdisciplinary resources for Asian American Studies at Northeastern University.

SAGE Research Methods: A How-to Guide

Literature Review could start here

Getting Started

1. Use Scholar OneSearch, the Northeastern Library system to search and find journal articles, library books and other print material, ebooks, videos, datasets, and more. Better than Google, as a search will identify scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.
record for article, "An outbreak of xenophobia: Perceived discrimination and anxiety in Chinese American college students before and durin ghte COVID-19 pandemic

Visit our tutorials page for how to get the most from Scholar OneSearch.

2. Find your subject guide to explore your research topic in depth.  Subject guides are developed by Northeastern University's library staff to help you identify:

  • Library databases specific to your major, subject or discipline
  • Your subject librarian, whom you may contact for research support by email or by appointment.
  • Recommended websites for research in your subject
  • Advice and tips on assignments or requirements in your subject.

3. Consult our research tutorials (on video or PDF) for commonly-asked questions about the research process, and for help in making the most of  library resources and services. 

4. Check SAGE Research Methods during the semester.You will need to login and use DUO authentication to access this collection which includes definition of research terms, advice under Project Planner links and videos. Search results also bring up the Research Methods Time Line.

See box to the left for SAGE Research Methods Timeline, or Research Stages--are you "on track"?

5. What's the difference between a Research Topic and a Research Question?
Your research topic may be COVID-19 and Asian Americans.
 Search for information about these two topics for your literature review. Based on what you learn, develop the research question--What about COVID-19 and Asian Americans?

Research question:
What are the perceived discrimination and anxiety experienced by Chinese American college students before and during the COVID-19 pandemic?

How do I choose a research topic?

Citations and Bibliographies

Keep track of your resources, it will help avoid plagiarism

Citation management tools will help with large research projects. Check the Library's guide to Citations and Bibliographies.

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