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Asian American Studies: Home

This is a resource guide of interdisciplinary resources for Asian American Studies at Northeastern University.

Asian American Studies


Asian American Studies is part of the Asian Studies Program in the Department of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies

Snell Library is currently offering trial access to ProQuest Black Studies brings together award-winning content into one destination that can be used for research, teaching, and learning. Combining primary and secondary sources, leading historical Black newspapers, archival documents, government materials, video, writings by major American Black intellectuals and leaders, and essays by top scholars in Black Studies, this easy-to-use interface will enable students to find the resources they need, by topic pages, timelines, source types and more with coverage from 1650. The trial ends on February 28, 2023.

Please take the time to let us know your thoughts on these resources by completing the Evaluation Form. Your input will help us make library resource decisions.

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Open Access (OA) Magazines

Key Resources

Welcome!  For additional options, visit our comprehensive list of resources or consult a Subject Librarian or discipline-specific Subject Guide. See suggested Related Subject Guides box on the left.

Selected Open Access (OA) Resources

Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center video series:
We are not a Stereotype: Breaking Down Asian Pacific American Bias

be/longing: Asian Americans Now
Profiles of Asian American trailblazers from across the country in five stories of belonging and exclusion; resilience and hope; and solidarity in the face of hate.
an Asian Pacific American Center is proud to present We are not a stereotype, a video

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Streaming Video Collections

Alexander Street logo and button

Academic Video Online (AVON) offers videos of interest to a broad range of disciplines. A search for "Asian American" retrieves over 2200 videos!

Many shot videos in this collection include helpful links, such as "What do you mean by the term "'ethnography;?"

kanopy logo and button

Kanopy provides a broad range of documentaries across the disciplines.  See especially the Global Studies, and Social Sciences areas. Search Asian American for  documentaries and feature films in the collection.

Watch complete videos or create playlists and clips in both Kanopy and AVON.

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Docuseek provides a number of documentaries of interest to International Affairs students, including materials on conflicts, countries, regions, and cultures.For a precise search, use quote marks to find film about "Asian Americans".

NOTE: These subscription media collections require MyNortheastern credentials for access.

Primary Source Images

Library of Congress Collections include: 

Ansel Adams's Photographs of Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar
Search the collection for photos, prints and drawings.

Other Resources:

JSTOR database also contains images

Densho Encyclopedia has images of documents and photographs.

Open Access Media Collections

Search "asian american" on

Visit the collection of the Watase Media Arts Center at JANM

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