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Research Tutorials

Have questions about research for your class assignments? View our library research tutorials to find out how to pick a manageable research topic, choose effective search terms, and locate peer-reviewed sources.

Click the links below to view the available tutorials by type:

Videos: Brief video tutorials with narrated audio and captions.

Slides: Text and screenshot-based versions of our video tutorials.

Checklists, handouts, and infographics: Text-based worksheets, tip sheets,  and checklists to keep on hand as you begin researching.

Or choose by topic:

How do I choose a research topic? [Video] [Slides] [Handout] [Checklist]

How do I develop a research question? [Video] [Slides] [Checklist]

How do I choose keywords for my search? [Video] [Slides]

How do I find peer-reviewed articles? [Video] [Slides]

Is this article peer reviewed? [Video] [Slides]

Scholarly vs. non-scholarly sources [Video] [Slides] [Chart]

6 quick tips to improve your searching [Video] [Slides]

5 ways to improve your search results [Video] [Slides]

What is a dissertation (and how do I use it)? [Handout]

How do I find dissertations? [Video] [Slides]

How to find an e-book [Video] [Slides]

Using a citation to find the full article [Video] [Slides] [Handout]

Finding cases by topic in Nexis Uni [Slides]

Finding cases in legal news using Nexis Uni [Slides]

Finding cases in law reviews [Slides]

How do I evaluate articles and journals? [Video] [Slides] [Handout]

How do I evaluate books and book chapters? [Video] [Slides] [Handout]

How do I evaluate websites? [Video] [Slides] [Handout]

Data or statistics? [Video] [Slides]

How do I find data? [Video] [Slides]

How do I find statistics? [Video] [Slides]

How do I evaluate data and statistics? [Video][Slides]

Citing and presenting data and statistics [Video] [Slides]

Citation fundamentals [Slides]

How to cite government publications [Slides]

APA reference list [Checklist]

Chicago bibliography/reference list [Checklist]

MLA works cited list [Checklist]

Choosing a citation manager [Video] [Slides]


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