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LC CLassification: chemical engineering

LC (Library of Congress) Classification for Chemical Engineering.

Use the call numbers to browse chemical engineering books in the stacks on the 4th floor,Snell Library;  also search the liibrary catalog, Scholar OneSearch, for online titles.

TP1-1185 Chemical Technology
155-156 Chemical Engineering
200-248 Manufacture and Use of Chemicals
248.13-248.65 Biotechnology
250-261 Industrial Electrochemistry
267.5-301 Explosives and Pyrotechnics
315-360 Fuel
368-456 Food Processing and Manufacture
480-498 Low Temperature Engineering, Cyrogenic
             Engineering, Refrigeration
500-660 Fermentation Industries, Beverages, Alcohol
670-699 Oils, Fats, and Waxes
690-692.4 Petroleum Refining and Products
751-762 Gas Industry
785-869 Ceramics, Clay Industries, Glass
875-888 Cement Industries
890-933 Textile Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, etc.
934-945 Paints, Pigments, Varnishes, etc.
1080-1185 Polymers, Plastics and their manufacture