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First-Year Writing Resources: Books

A guide for instructors and first year students to library resources


The Writing Resources Reading List is a collection of books and ebooks on owned by Northeastern Library covering a variety of subjects related to rhetoric and composition 

Evaluating Books

How to Evaluate Books and Books Chapters

Ask yourself 6 key questions


  • What is the subject of the book or chapter? 
  • Is it relevant to your research topic?
  • Does it add to the information you've already found or provide a new perspective? 


  • When was the book published? 
  • Is it recent enough for your research needs? 


  • Why was this book or book chapter written - what is its purpose? 
  • Is it presenting research, making an argument, or giving an opinion?


  • Who wrote the book or book chapter? 
  • What credentials do they have? 


  • Where was the book or chapter published? 
  • Was it published by a scholarly publisher, like the University of Oxford Press, or a commercial one, like Harper Collins? 


  • How have the authors conducted their research or made their arguments? 
  • Do they describe their research methods and cite appropriate sources? 

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How do I evaluate Books and Books Chapters?

How to find an EBook