Northeastern First-Year Writing Program and Snell Library

Welcoming staff at help and information desk, Snell LibraryWelcome to the Northeastern Library. 

The First-Year Writing Program is an integral part of Northeastern's Writing Program. The courses emphasize active learning; they are process-orientated and workshop based. You will develop your critical thinking and writing skills by engaging with a variety of readings, exploring different genres of writing, drafting your own writing projects giving and receiving feedback and revising. 


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For Students

The library can help you develop research strategies, find sources for your projects, help you access print, online, and interlibrary materials, and manage your citations. 

One-on-one support

Librarians can:

  • Help you find and evaluate sources for your project
  • Help you brainstorm strategies for focusing your research topic or question
  • Help you set up a citation management software
  • Help you access print and online materials

You can Ask a Librarian now by email or chat.  You can also contact your subject librarian for support by email or appointment.

For faculty:

Snell Library offers a Canvas module that you can find in the community zone and import or adapt to your teaching needs.

We are also happy to meet your students in person! If you would like a librarian to visit your class, please make a request here or contact Tamara Uhaze:


Academic Support

These resources may be helpful during the writing process.  Explore other pages on this guide for library research links and recommendations.

More support

Stressed and worried? There are ways to cope: Check University Health and Counseling Services, these resources are FREE to Northeastern Students

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Research Assignments

First-Year Writing Program

Undergraduate students go through a process of Guided Self-Placement to choose the setting that best suits their goals and learning style. Learn more about our course offerings and Guided Self-Placement.

First-Year Writing (FYW) courses are process-oriented and workshop-based. This means you can expect to write several drafts of your projects, to reflect on your writing as it develops, and to receive feedback both from peers and your instructors.

Learn more about the courses by reading:

All students enrolled in a First Year Writing course will need to complete the Guided Self-Placement process which involves a brief writing assignment due on the first day of class.