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Need peer-reviewed journal articles?

  • Find and Filter your results in Scholar OneSearch (opens in new window) for peer-reviewed journal articles

    highlighted peer review tags on a Scholar OneSearch record


The resources listed below also provide a similar filter:

EBSCO record with peer rreviewd limit feature

Reading strategies

Confirming a journal is peer-reviewed:

How to evaluate articles and journals

One of the most common questions librarians and instructors get from students is, "How do I evaluate an article or/and a journal?". Here are some questions you can ask yourself when evaluating an article. 


  • What is the subject of the article? 
  • Is it relevant to your research?
  • Does it add to the information you've already found or provide a new perspective? 


  • When was the article published? This is especially important. Are you looking for historical information or the latest information out there? 
  • Is it recent enough for your research needs? 


  • Why was the article written - what is its purpose? 
  • Do they describe their research methods and cite appropriate sources? 
  • Is it presenting research, making an argument, or giving an opinion? 


  • Who wrote the article? 
  • What credentials do they have? 
  • Who is on the editorial board for the journal? What credentials do they have? 


  • Which journal published the article? 
  • Is the journal published by a scholarly organization or academic publisher? 
  • Where was the research conducted? 
  • Would research in another country or region be relevant to your research topic? 


  • How have the authors conducted their research or made their arguments?
  • Do they describe their research methods and cite appropriate sources?