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This page contains content focused on rural health, including organizations, books, articles and reports. There are example articles and reports along with possible search terms to use for finding additional publications.

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Social Determinants of Health-Rural Areas

graphic display of social determinantsSocial Determinants include...

  • Access to food
  • Access to healthcare
  • Income
  • Geographic location (neighborhood characteristics)
  • Transportation

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Below are a few topics with example search strategies for PubMed. NOTE: date limits are not added but you may want to add them.


Rural Healthcare

Substance Use Disorders

Possible search strategies for PubMed:

("Substance-Related Disorders"[Mesh]) AND "Rural Health"[Mesh]

((("Substance-Related Disorders"[Mesh] OR "Opioid Addiction"[tiab] "drug abuse"[tiab] OR overdose[tiab]) AND ("Rural Population"[Mesh]) OR "Rural Health"[tiab]) AND "United States"[Mesh])


Elderly Rural Health

One possible search strategy in PubMed: 

((("Aged"[Mesh] OR seniors[tiab] OR elderly[tiab]) AND ("Rural Population"[Mesh]) OR "Rural Health"[tiab]) AND "United States"[Mesh])

Article examples:

Emergency Care

One possible PubMed search strategy:

("Emergency Medical Services"[MeSH Terms] OR "ambulance"[Title/Abstract] OR "emergency care"[Title/Abstract]) AND ("Rural Population"[MeSH Terms] OR "Rural Health"[Title/Abstract]) AND "United States"[MeSH Terms]

NPR Highlights-Life in Rural America

Social Isolation