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This page includes articles related to the healthcare workforce in rural areas. Databases, licensed at Northeastern University Library, are recommended for conducting literature searches. Workforce is also tied to education.What initiatives or course programs introduce rural health? The Education page on this guide has more.

Physicians and Healthcare


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Nurses and Other Health Professionals

  • Always think about the search terms/words that fit your topic best. It can be helpful to write out a question.

Are nurses involved in telehealth in rural areas? Terms: nurses, telehealth (is there a specific aspect of this?), rural area (community, location, remote area, etc)

  • Using the suggested terms in CINAHL this search was run: ( nurse or nurses or nursing ) AND ( telehealth or telemedicine or telemonitoring or telepractice or telenursing or telecare ) AND ( rural areas or rural communities ) 
    • it yielded 244 results on 4/7/22
    • a review of the results showed promise but I could narrow it down if I am not interested in education or school nurses. These are some of the options to consider. 
    • Here are a couple titles as examples of results I might choose:
      • Older people and rural eHealth: perceptions of caring relations and their effects on engagement in digital primary health care. in Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, nurse relationships were mentioned as important

      • Meeting the Challenge of Perinatal Care in Rural Communities, in Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing, looking at this article I see that a subject heading "Rural Health Nursing" could be worth using in a search


Mental Health: counselors, therapists/social workers


RSS from PubMed: Rural Provider-Patient Relations

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