About Telehealth

Telehealth and telemedicine may mean different things. However, the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.Other times are specific to a function related to video or remote calls involving a health professional and a person seeking health information.

The use of telehealth in rural areas is dependent on access to the internet. If available, it can provide a valuable connection to a healthcare provider that is miles away.

  • mHealth (mobile health)-telehealth or telemedicine services supported by smart phones and tablets.
  • Remote Monitoring-typically includes sensors on a device or an interface to the patient to share input with the provider.
  • Store & Forward-range from simple software to complex stand alone devices that are integrated into an electronic medical record
  • Live Video-Interactive video conferencing, such as Zoom

Patients and Providers

For information relating specifically to providers, there is information in the Workforce tab.

In regard to patients, they may come from a variety of backgrounds, healthcare needs and other groupings that you may find the literature has segmented. Consider this as you look at the literature. Veterans, elders/seniors, children, diabetics, etc.

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