Note on Legal Resources


Some of you may be familiar with and Westlaw.  At Northeastern, those resources are reserved for the use of Law School affiliates.  Snell Library currently provides access to Westlaw Campus Research which is part of the Westlaw family of resources.


The boxes below present resources for finding court cases and laws. For information on finding regulations, rules and ordinances, use the following link to regulation finding on the Strategizing Public Policy Guide.


Federal Cases

Many sites provide access to federal court cases. For alternatives to the recommendations below, check the Legal Research Guide.

Try Westlaw Campus Research for access to materials from a wide range of federal court jurisdictions: District Courts, Circuit Courts, the Supreme Court. See the TUTORIALS TAB for a video and PowerPoint slides on using Westlaw Campus Research.

For added value, consider SCOTUSblog, the official Supreme Court site and Oyez. 

  • SCOTUSblog includes detailed case analyses, petitions, and statistics in addition to podcasts and videos.
  • The Supreme Court site provides audio recordings of oral arguments as well as access to case documents.
  • Oyez offers clear descriptions and analyses of issues under consideration; recordings or oral arguments and opinion announcements are included (recordings aren't available immediately)

Massachusetts Courts and Cases

Westlaw Campus Research provides cases decided by the highest courts in each state; in Massachusetts, those courts are the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) and the Appeals Court.

Cases from Other States

Use the States and Territories link (Law Library of the Library of Congress).  In addition to linking to state judicial sites, this resource provides access to administrative codes, state constitutions, and legislative materials.

Other options include:

Federal Laws

Massachusetts Laws

Laws from Other States

Use the States and Territories link (Law Library of the Library of Congress). Links to state legislative sites provide access to bills, session laws, and codes of law. State pages also include links to legal guides, maps, and some primary sources.

Other options include: