Welcome to the course guide for ENGL 3325, Rhetoric of Law. 

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Welcome to the Library Course Guide for the Rhetoric of Law. This Guide provides resources to help you:

  • Locate law review articles and other secondary sources,
  • Find peer reviewed articles,
  • Find a broad range of legal materials, including federal and state court cases and related materials,
  • Track down news sources,
  • Understand how to search effectively and evaluate different kinds of materials.


Additional Resources

Visit other Research Guides with materials on law and legal research:

NU School of Law Library - 

The Law Library is open to members of the Northeastern University community.

Please note:  Snell Library and the Law Library share access to many databases and e-journals. However, a number of Law Library e-resources, including Westlaw and the Law Library's version of Lexis are not available to the larger University community.