Citing Your Sources

Why is it important to cite sources? First, it gives credit to the person who created the idea. Second, it allows your readers to locate the sources you used, so they can read or judge for themselves.

How do I cite my sources? Citation managers are time-saving tools designed to help you cite while you write. This page provides information on these tools, and resources to help you get started. You'll also need to determine the citation style required for your work. If you are writing a paper or assignment, consult your instructor about the proper style used in your discipline. If you are writing for a publication, check the author guidelines on a publisher's web page for the required style.

BibTeX and LaTeX

LaTeX is open source software that allows you to create professionally-rendered files that incorporate mathematical symbols, equations and formulas, which can be difficult to do with standard word processors such as Microsoft Word. BibTeX is an add-on to LaTeX that helps you manage your references. Here are some resources to help you get started with these tools:

What are Citation Managers?

Citation managers are great tools for organizing your references and producing beautifully formatted bibliographies. Below are some commonly used tools supported at Northeastern. 

Follow these links to learn more and get the software:

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