Properly citing one's sources is an integral part of scholarly communication, whether writing for a course assignment or for publication. This guide will provide some resources for ensuring you cite correctly and efficiently, thereby avoiding accidental plagiarism.

AMA is the recommended citation style for use throughout your program. The Library supports all of the following citation management tools: EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, RefWorks, and BibTeX.

For more information on citation management, see the Library guide, Citations & Bibliographies.

Citation Management Software

Learn how a citation management tool can make your research life easier.


What is a citation manager?

A citation manager is a piece of software that helps you collect and organize your research and create bibliographies and in-text citations. Citation managers generally offer a range of citation styles and features to choose from.

Which citation managers does the library support?

The Northeastern library supports EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks and Zotero. We also support the use of BibTeX and LaTeX.

Which citation manager should I use?

While citation managers generally have the same basic functions, each one offers some specific features.

Our citation manager comparison chart (below) can help you identify the features that will work best for you. See also our tutorial on choosing a citation manager.

What is plagiarism?

For information about what plagiarism is and how to avoid it, see Northeastern's Academic Integrity Policy from the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR)

Have questions? You can also check with your instructor to make sure you haven't plagiarized unintentionally or violated NU academic integrity policies.

AMA Style

AMA (American Medical Association) is the citation style used throughout your program.

You can refer the AMA Manual of Style for detailed guidance and examples of how to format your citations correctly.

Academic Integrity Tutorial

The checklist below can help explain academic integrity

Title screen for Citation and Academic Integrity Checklist from CPS Academic Intergrity

The tutorial has a NEXT button on the lower right side of the screen
To browse, click on the Menu icon   Three horizontal ines to link to table of contents.           in the upper left side of the screen

The Bainbridge College video

Check the Academic Video Online (AVON) collection for videos about avoiding plagiarism. The search in the upper right hand corner of the image below, shows 97 videos available for viewing.

search of plagiarism in Academic Video Online database; there are 97 results in this screenshop

You will be asked to log in with your Northeastern user name and password to access the video collection.

Image of video title screen for "A Student's Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism:

There are many "student success" videos in AVON.