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Geographical Information System (GIS): GIS Tutorials

This guide contains GIS office hours, tutorials, sources and platforms

AGOL General Instruction

This document contains general instruction to create an ArcGIS Online map: ArcGIS Online General Instruction

ArcGIS Online, Web Map and StoryMap Creation Tutorial

Attention: AGOL use credit and each member will receive 1000 credits to find out how AGOL use credits please refer to Understand Credits. Please be aware, the geocoding process may consume many credits, please email me if you have any questions. 

The Map Viewer of AGOL is out of beta, but the ability to create maps is limited in this version, for now I encourage the use of Map Viewer Classic. Trouble accessing the Map Viewer Classic? follow instruction at AGOL Classic Map Viewer (link)


ArcGIS Online Workshop Materials and Lecture: 

Workshop Materials (instruction and files):


AGOL Lecture recording:

and it can be find on Canvas:


AGOL Map Creation Part 1:

and it can be find on Canvas:


AGOL Map Creation Part 2:

and it can be find on Canvas:


Story Map creation: 


To Schedule a GIS consultation session please go to: and use the bottom to book an appointment. If it doesn’t work for you, feel free to email me at to schedule an appointment.



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