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Geographical Information System (GIS)

A guide to GIS software, resources, and tutorials.

ArcGIS Online, Web Map and StoryMap Creation Tutorial

Attention: AGOL use credit and each member will receive 1000 credits. To find out how AGOL use credits please refer to Understand Credits. Please be aware, the geocoding process may consume many credits, please email me if you have any questions. 





ArcGIS Online (Classic Map Viewer) Tutorial

ArcGIS Online


ArcGIS Online Map Creation Tutorial

ArcGIS Online


Census Data acquisition and wrangling into ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro


ArcGIS Online Group Collaboration

ArcGIS Online


Download ArcGIS Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud (open maps in Adobe Illustrator)

ArcGIS Online & Pro


AGOL cross organization collaboration

ArcGIS Online


Spatial Analysis with R by Rongsen Hu, GIS Coop, Spring 2023



Merge and export spatial data in RStudio by Rongsen Hu, GIS Coop, Spring 2023



Google My Maps tutorial by Rongsen Hu (Spring 2023 Coop), J. Peterson & et all. 

Google account

10 An Introduction to Survey123 functions by Yapeng Guo (Fall 2023 Coop) ArcGIS Online
11 A Simple Introduction for StoryMaps by Yapeng Guo (Fall 2023 Coop) ArcGIS Online
12 StreeMap Premium, installation ArcGIS Pro

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Recommended GIS course on ESRI Training and GIS Lesson Gallery: 

Common skills for working with data in ArcGIS Pro

Get started with ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud

Build an Interactive Dashboard


ArcGIS Online (Classic Map Viewer) Tutorial

ArcGIS Online (Classic Map Viewer) Tutorial

Project outline: an institution is planning to hold a workshop in Boston. The project owner is looking for those neighborhoods with larger population to hold the workshop in the neighborhood library. 

What we create: 1- Creating a map of Boston neighborhoods. 2- Locating public libraries of the neighborhoods (data available in a CSV table with the latitude and longitude of the libraries). 3- We also have a table containing the address of two YMCA 's of Boston which needs to be mapped and symbolized by their capacity. 4- We also received a table which contains the neighborhood's population which needs to be mapped and visualized. 5- Symbolizing neighborhoods based on their populations (joining a table to a map layer).  6- Publishing map. 7- Creating a story map for the project owner.

The New Map Viewer of AGOL is out of beta, but the ability to create maps is limited in this version, for now I encourage the use of Map Viewer Classic. Trouble accessing the Map Viewer Classic? follow the instructions at AGOL Classic Map Viewer 

Shows the location of the Classic Map Viewer on the right side of the window


Workshop Materials and Lecture: 

Workshop Materials: instruction and files

Video recordings of the lecture are available below, or if you prefer to read the instructions you can find the step-by-step instructions at: ArcGIS Online General Instruction  

AGOL Lecture/ must know materials:  Video or on Canvas at Video on canvas
 AGOL Map Creation

 AGOL Map Creation Part 1 or on Canvas at  AGOL Map Creation Part 1 on canvas

 AGOL Map Creation Part 2 or on Canvas at AGOL Map Creation Part 2 on canvas


ArcGIS Online Map Tutorial

ArcGIS Online Map Creation Tutorial

Project outline: a bootcamp of “English as a Second Language” is planning to hold in the public libraries of Boston neighborhoods. The organizer needs your help to select a couple of libraries which are located within reach of a T station.
They provided a table -Public_Libraries- contains public libraries of Boston neighborhood with their latitude and longitude.

What we create: 1- Creating a map of Boston neighborhoods. 2- Locating public libraries of the neighborhoods (data available in a CSV table with the latitude and longitude of the libraries). 3- Mapping MBTA stations. 4- We are going to consider a 0.4 mile (about 500 meters) a walkable distance and create a walkable distance around each station (geoprocessing buffer tool) 5- Run summarize analysis to find libraries which fall into the walkable distance from a T station.  6- Publishing map. 7- Creating a story map for the project owner.

The step-by-step instruction is available at:  AGOL New Map Viewer Step-by-Step Instruction

The Boston Public Libraires file can be find at: Public_libraries

Census Data acquisition and wrangling into ArcGIS Pro

Census Data acquisition and wrangling into ArcGIS Pro

Finding and understanding Census data can be challenging. We want to create a population map for Boston with the population of American Indian and Alaska Native alone. A generic vector file such as a shapefile normally can be found online for various geographic boundaries, but it may not contain the population or race information. In this assignment we will learn about adding population and race date to a map.

The United States Census Bureau reports data by various political and statistical geographic units which are designed to be mappable. 

You can find the step-by-step instructions at: Census Data Acquisition and Wrangling into ArcGIS Pro

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AGOL Group Collaboration

Working in a group creating ArcGIS Online project? Collaborating on an AGOL webmap or an application? Please contact Bahare to be assigned to an AGOL collaboration group. 

Please find the instruction to share content in a group read AGOL Collaboration and Group Access

AGOL General Instruction

This document contains general instruction to create an ArcGIS Online map: ArcGIS Online General Instruction

ArcGIS Extension for Adobe

AGOL Cross Organization Collaboration

StreetMap Premium

Why StreetMap Premium? StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Pro is a comprehensive street data product offered by Esri, designed to enhance mapping and spatial analysis capabilities within ArcGIS Pro. StreetMap Premium provides high-quality street data including detailed street networks, address locators, routing attributes, and more. It covers various geographic regions worldwide, offering extensive coverage that is useful for a wide range of applications. 

Data Control and Customization: StreetMap Premium allows local hosting and customization of street data.

Offline Usage: It enables working with street data without continuous internet access.

Performance and Scalability: Offers better performance and scalability for large-scale applications.

Cost Predictability: Upfront licensing cost provides greater cost predictability.

Data Sovereignty: Meets legal or policy requirements for data sovereignty.

Advanced Analysis: Offers advanced spatial analysis and routing capabilities within ArcGIS Pro.

To install Streetmap Premium on your ArcGIS Pro, you'll need to follow these steps:

Sign In to ArcGIS Pro: Open ArcGIS Pro on your computer and sign in with your ArcGIS Online account credentials.

Navigate to Catalog: Once you're signed in, navigate to the Catalog pane. You can typically find this pane on the right side of the ArcGIS Pro interface.

Connect to Portal: In the Catalog pane, expand the 'Portal' section, and click on 'Portals'. Then, click on 'Add Portal' and sign in using your ArcGIS Online account credentials if prompted.

Search for Streetmap Premium: After connecting to your portal, use the search bar in the Catalog pane to search for "Streetmap Premium". This should bring up the Streetmap Premium dataset.

Add to Project: Once you've found Streetmap Premium, right-click on it and select 'Add To Project'. This will add the Streetmap Premium dataset to your current ArcGIS Pro project.

Configure the Basemap: After adding Streetmap Premium to your project, you can configure it as your basemap by right-clicking on it in the Contents pane and selecting 'Set as Basemap'.

Adjust Display Settings (Optional): You can adjust the display settings of the Streetmap Premium basemap, such as visibility range, transparency, etc., according to your preferences.

Save Your Project: Finally, make sure to save your ArcGIS Pro project to retain the configuration for future use.

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