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Geographical Information System (GIS): GIS Visual Guides

This guide contains GIS office hours, tutorials, sources and platforms

Visual Guides

The Digital Scholarship Group provides educational materials for curricular, and research needs to support scholarship that includes GIS or data visualization components. The following handouts have been designed to provide visual guides for selecting and working with visualization and mapping tools.

Where Will Maps Take You Today?
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Maps are used in practically all disciplines but often for different purposes. This handout provides a guide to mapmaking tools and map types across the sciences, arts, and humanities, presented in the form of a subway map.





Want to Make a Digital Map?
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Want to create a digital map for your research or class work, but don't know where to start? Use this guide to find suggestions of tools and platforms to get up and running with GIS web publishing.





Tools for Digital Storytelling
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There are many tools for digital storytelling, ranging from platforms for creating infographics to tools for choosing color palettes. This guide provides a list of suggested resources for use in your own work and research.


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