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Education: International Journals

International Journals

How do I search for international journals?

There is no filter in the library databases to limit to just international journals.

However, there are a couple of steps you can take to help you retrieve more international results.

  1. Try searching the Social Sciences Premium Collection database. This database tends to contain more international sources and perspectives than Education Research Complete or ERIC.
  2. Add keywords to your search that will help you to retrieve more results from international journals.
    • You can try adding country, continent, or regional search terms to retrieve more international results
      • Try linking several different geographic terms by OR to increase your pool of results: ("Central America" or "South America" or Caribbean)
    • You can try adding NOT "United States" to your search to weed out some of the domestic results

Screenshot of search using NOT "United States" and regional search terms to limit to international sources

3. Use database filters to limit by geography. 

  • Some databases allow you filter your results by location. Look for the Geography filter on the left side of your search results to limit to international locations

Screenshot of the Geography database filter

How can I determine if an article I've found is from an international journal?

If you've located an article and want to know if it comes from an international journal, first look to see if it has International or a country name in the journal title.

If not, use Ulrichs Web. Search for the journal by title in UlrichsWeb to see where the journal is published. 

Screenshot of UlrichsWeb search results pointing to the journal's country of publication


You can also click on the search result in Ulrichs Web to get a link to the journal's homepage. From the journal website, you can often look at the journal's aims and scope to see if it publishes international research:


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