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Citations and Bibliographies: Home

A guide to frequently-used style guides and research tools to help manage your citations.

Workshops and recordings

Our 2021-2022 citation management webinar series has ended. Recordings of the webinars are linked below.


Introduction to Citation Management Tools

Watch recording


Getting Started with Mendeley

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Getting Started with EndNote

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Getting Started with RefWorks

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Getting Started with Zotero

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Getting Started with BibTeX

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10 Advanced EndNote Features

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Style Guides

Frequently Used Style Guides

Citation Management Software

Learn how a citation management tool can make your research life easier.


What is a citation manager?

A citation manager is a piece of software that helps you collect and organize your research and create bibliographies and in-text citations. Citation managers generally offer a range of citation styles and features to choose from.

Which citation managers does the library support?

The Northeastern library supports EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks and Zotero. We also support the use of BibTeX and LaTeX.

Which citation manager should I use?

While citation managers generally have the same basic functions, each one offers some specific features.

Our citation manager comparison chart (below) can help you identify the features that will work best for you. See also our tutorial on choosing a citation manager.

Need help?

For help with citations and citation management software, please Ask a Librarian or make an appointment with a member of the Citation Management Team.

What we can help you with:

  • Locating citation style guides
  • Determining how a tricky source type should be cited
  • Getting started with a citation manager supported by the library
  • Switching from one citation manager to another
  • Troubleshooting common citation manager issues

What we can't help you with:

  • Checking your reference list or bibliography for correctness
  • Checking your in-text citations for correctness
  • Installing, using or troubleshooting a citation manager not supported by the library
  • TurnItIn or other plagiarism-detecting software
  • Determining whether you or another user have committed plagiarism

When in doubt, reach out for help!