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History : Primary Source Websites (focus mainly after 1900)

Primary Source Websites and Databases (focus after 1900)

Ad Access (Duke Univesity) Thousands of advertisements printed between 1911-1955

C-SPAN Video Library (C-Span Televison). All programs aired since 1987.

Digital National Security Archive A comprehensive set of declassified government documents covering critical US policy decisions from 1945 to the present.

Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives. (University of California)

Miller Center of Public Affairs (University of Virginia) Many hours of video and audio recordings.

NAACP Papers 

National Security Archive (George Washington University) 

The Sixties : Primary Documents and Personal Narratives 1960-1974             

Vietnam Center and Archive (Texas Tech University)

Works Progress Administration (courtesy of University of Kentucky and US Government Publishing Office)

World War I Document Archive (Brigham Young University)

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