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History: Papers of Noted People (not Presidents)

Online Papers

Online Papers

Papers in print in Snell Library

Papers of Benjamin Franklin (E 302 F82) Currently lack volumes 31-32

Papers of Nathanael Greene (E 207 G9 A3)

Papers of Alexander Hamilton (E 302 H 247x)

Papers of William Penn (F 152.2 P3956) Currently lack volume 5

Correspondence of Roger Williams (F82 W64)

Papers of Henry Laurens (E 302 L3)

Frederick Douglass Papers (E 449 D733) See also online collection at Library of Congress

Papers of Henry Clay (E 337.8 C597) Currently lack volumes 6-9

Papers of John C. Calhoun (E 337.8 C148)

Papers of Daniel Webster (E 337.8 W372)

Black Abolitionist Papers (E 449 B624)

Marcus Garvey & Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers (E 185.97 G3 M36) Currently lack volume 8

Papers of Martin Luther King (E 185.97 K5 A2) Currently lack volume 6)