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History : Presidential Papers & Websites

Presidential Papers in Print in Snell Library

George Washington Papers (E 312.72)

Adams Papers (E 302 A275) (Legal papers KF 213 A28x)

Thomas Jefferson Papers (E 302 J442)

James Madison Papers (E 302 M19) (also JK 111 M24 for years prior to presidency)

James Monroe Writings (E 302 M74)

James K. Polk Correspondence (E 3378 P63) Currently lacking volumes 1, 4-10

Andrew Jackson Papers (E 302 J35)

Andrew Johnson Papers (E 415.6 J66)

Ulysses S Grant Papers (E 660 G74)

Woodrow Wilson Papers (E 660 W717) Currently lacking volumes 51-69

Herbert Hoover Public Papers (J 80 A283)

Franklin Roosevelt Public Papers and Addresses (E 806 R749) Currently lacking volume 10

Harry Truman Public Papers (J 80 A283)

Dwight David Eisenbower Papers (E 742.5 E37) Currently lacking volumes 10-11, 14-20). Public papers at J 80 A283.

John F Kennedy Public Papers (J 80 A283)

Lyndon B. Johnson Public Papers (J 80 A283)

Richard Nixon Public Papers (J 80 A283)

Gerald Ford Public Papers (J 80 A283)

Jimmy Carter Public Papers (J 80 A283)

Ronald Reagan Public Papers (J 80 A283)

George H. W. Bush Public Papers (J 80 A283)

William Clinton Public Papers (J 80 A283)

George W Bush Public Papers (J 80 A283)

Barack Obama Papers (J 80 A283)

Presidential Papers and Websites Online

General Websites

The American Presidency Project. (University of California at Santa Barbara) Includes the Messages and Papers of Presidents Washington through Taft, the Public Papers of Presidents Hoover through GHW Bush, and the Weekly Compilation of Presidental Documents from GHW Bush to GW Bush.

American President: an Online Reference Resource. (University of Virginia) Essays by scholars on each President and audio files of Presidential speeches.

American Presidential Campaigns and Elections 

Founders Online: correspondence and other writings of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison (National Archives)

Presidential Libraries Podcasts (US National Archives)

Presidential Timelines of the 20th Century (University of Texas, Austin) Interactive timelines with associated teaching materials.

Public Papers of the Presidents (University of Michigan) (HeinOnline NU only) President Hoover to the present.

Secret White House Recordings (Miller Center University of Virginia) From Roosevelt through Nixon.

US White House. Information on the Presidents

Individual Presidents Online Collections

Papers of George Washington (Library of Congress) or (University of Virginia)

Writings of George Washington (University of Virginia)

Adams Family Papers (Massachusetts Historical Society)

John Adams Papers (University of Virginia)

Papers of Thomas Jefferson (Library of Congress)

Papers of James Madison (Library of Congress)

Diaries of John Quincy Adams (Massachusetts Historical Society)

Abraham Lincoln Papers (Library of Congress)

The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (University of Michigan)

Papers of Ulysses S Grant (Mississippi State University)

Individual Presidential Libraries and websites

Theodore Roosevelt Center (Dickinson State University)

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library

Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

Franklin D Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Harry S Truman Library and Museum

Dwight D Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum

John f Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum

Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

Gerald R Ford Presidential Library and Museum

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

William J Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

George W Bush Presidential Library

Barack Obama Presidential Library

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