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Chemistry: Property data

A guide to online and print resources in chemistry.

Thermochemical data

NIST-JANAF Thermochemical Tables  Searching is case sensitive. 

The JANAF (Joint Army-Navy-Air Force) Tables tabulate temperature- dependent thermochemical properties for over 47 elements and their associated compounds.  

See also 

PDF Version (1985, 3rd edition) and 

PDF Version (1971). 

Property Data

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics  The authoritative reference source on chemical and physical data.

The Merck index : an encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals  A one-volume encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs and biologicals.

Lange's handbook of chemistry  Properties of approximately 4,400 organic and 1,400 inorganic compounds.

Perry's chemical engineers' handbook.

TOXNET: toxicology data network  A database of hazardous substances, with comprehensive, peer-reviewed toxicology data for about 5,000 chemicals. Definitive reference for chemical and process engineers.  

Knovel Critical Tables  Interactive charts and tables that allow you to export property data.