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On this page you will find resources related to finding or using county and city/town level statistics. There are examples of locations but not all individual locations can be included. Depending on the state, you might find webpages dedicated to county data. If you need help, please reach out to a librarian.

Community Health Needs Assessment

The CHNA is a requirement for tax-exempt hospitals to engage their servicing communities every three years and assess their health needs. Based on their findings an action plan is developed to work alongside community stakeholders in improving the health needs of the communities. You can search the web by location to find these reports.

County Level

City and Local levels

Find State Level Statistics

Use these tools to explore the state you are interested in.

Conducting a search on the web for the state you are interested in may find additional data.

Massachusetts Statistics

Boston Examples

Philadelphia Examples

Philadelphia provides examples of where you might find data and statistics. Look for sources that are open to the public, or public health department data.