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Linked below is a list of resources related to sustainability and ethical business practices, as well as a research FAQ.

Business Sustainability FAQ

Is company X sustainable?

There exists no definitive answer. There are no international standards that independent third-parties can use to objectively measure companies. Instead, there are numerous non-profits, political, governmental, corporate, and social organizations that conduct research, raise awareness, pass legislation, hold companies accountable and, in some cases, protect company’s reputations in lieu of holding them accountable. This is important context to understand. In the absence of consistent international standards, much of the company sustainability information available is either self-reported or it is for sale by third-party data vendors. Both sources of information come with reliability concerns.

If there is no definitive answer to the question, "is company X sustainable?", then how do I research a particular company's sustainability efforts?

One effective method is to investigate the company's public track record using the business news sources in my list. Has the company been fined or sued for ethical violations(polluting, using slave labor, etc.) in a particular country? Have they been given a sustainable award or certification and if so, why? Has the company launched any sustainability projects? Is the company facing criticism from ethical business watchdog organizations? 

Is there value in reading a company's self-reported sustainability information?

There is value in reading self-reported information as it provides a public record of company claims that you can attempt to verify. For example, if the company claims they started a sustainability program or operation then you can search for evidence of the effectiveness of that project. Was the project successful? Did the project continue? I recommend attempting to cross-reference a company using multiple resources on the list.

What does sustainability even mean?

I find that sustainability/CSR/ESG/Green efforts are industry-dependent. Sustainability for a coffee company is very different than for a fashion or SaaS company. Ask yourself, "What ethical challenges would a company in this industry face?". Once you understand the context of sustainability for the industry you are researching you can build a more effective search.


  • Bloomberg Terminals - company ESG scores provided by Sustainalytics, NO ONLINE ACCESS, you must go to the Bloomberg Lab in 054 Dodge Hall, Boston Campus 


Try searching for "COMPANY NAME" AND either CSR, ESG,  SUSTAINABILITY (screenshot) 




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