Getting Started

This list of resources and organizations is intended to support the College of Engineering's work to support diversity, inclusion, equity and justice in our communities and practices.

The list is not comprehensive, and the resources inevitably reflect the biases of the various creators. They are intended to provide a starting point to explore the wide variety of resources within the Engineering and STEM communities. This page will be continuously updated and feedback is welcome! If you're looking for more resources or for something different, please reach out to Jodi Bolognese at

For more anti-racism resources in STEM fields, please check out our Diversity and Anti-Racism in STEM page.

For more anti-racism and diversity resources please check out our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging guide, which includes LGBTQIA+, disability and neurodiversity, socio-economic issues, race, culture and ethnicity, women and gender, religion and spirituality and more.


Take Action

Reading, listening, and supporting the STEM-related organizations and initiatives included on this page are a great start.

Want to do more? Explore some ways you can fight racism, including voting, volunteering, keeping up with the conversation, attending campus events, plus training and organizations beyond STEM that you can get involved with.

Explore the Contributions of Diverse Engineers


Below are a selection of organizations to support students, researchers, and faculty diversity and social justice efforts in Engineering. This is not a comprehensive list. Explore many more organizations across STEM fields here.

At Northeastern:

Student Groups and Organizations at Northeastern:

Beyond Northeastern: