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LDR 6110: Leading Teams (Robbie)

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Getting Started

Welcome to the course guide for LDR 6110 with Professor Robbie! Use the links included in this guide to help you begin your research for this course. It is important to use reliable, authoritative resources when researching. The resources provided here are carefully selected to provide a strong foundation for more powerful reports.

If you need additional guidance in locating resources, please feel free to contact me for an appointment.

About the project

A Latina immigrant therapist and Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializes in helping people of color and people from immigrant families reach their full potential. The practice provides one-on-one therapy (for MA residents), workshops, support groups, and online tools to help clients. In addition, this Latina therapist has experienced a growing demand for public speaking and corporate partnerships. To date, most corporate partners have found the therapist on LinkedIn or through referrals. The business seeks student support to develop a more intentional strategy to grow the corporate client base. 


  1. Based on the team’s research, the team will develop a strategic plan to increase the number of corporate clients for Dulce Orozco.  
  1. Based on the team’s research, the team will identify the following: 

    a) The types of business corporations and/or organizations with the greatest opportunity for successful penetration. Share specific examples of companies and/or organizations the team believes would be a good fit for Dulce Orozco.

    b) Determine which business segments should be prioritized and focused on. Which ones should Dulce Orozco focus on and why?
    Examples of Dulce’s current business segments include: 
    *other options that the team sees as a potential fit. 
  2. *therapy in a corporate setting, or  
    *public speaking, or
    *corporate-sponsored support groups or

3. Make pricing recommendations based on what you learned through your research.  


Key Resources (Databases)


The databases listed below are core databases for general business, consumer information, and marketing databases.


Research Tips

To get started, below is a list of helpful search strategies, tips, and best practices to get you started. Try these keywords as suggestions (use your own for a more specific results page for your report)


  • mental health AND marketing
  • corporate marketing AND evaluation
  • mental health AND business models AND best practices AND marketing
  • "marketing plan" AND mental health
  • marketing AND business AND mental health
  • market* AND "mental health"
  • "case stud*" AND mental health AND corporate engagemen*

Strategy and Partnership Plan Resources

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