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A guide to Northeastern Library resources in history

Finding books and journals

Scholar OneSearch: print, e-books, journals (and more) at the Northeastern Libraries

WorldCat Local: books, journals, etc.. at libraries in North America and beyond. Links to ILL ordering.

Snell History Stacks (Level 3)

General/Methods          D 1- 1075

Germany/Holocaust     DD 253-256

Ancient Greece           DF 10-289

Soviet Union & Russia  DK

Middle East                  DS 1-DS 495

South Asia                   DS 331-500

East Asia                      DS 501- 937

Southeast Asia             DS 520-560

Africa                            DT

United States                E

Colonial America          E 100-300

US Civil War                 E 456-655

US Local/Regional        F 1 - 1000  (New England F 1- 15)

Canada                         F 1001 - 1140

Latin America                F 1201 - 3799


Key Resources for Historians

Background information (encyclopedias, dictionaries, statistics, etc)

Britannica Academic (NU Only) has article-length overviews.  They may require updating with news searches.

Cambridge Histories Online (NU Only) e-books that provide scholarly overviews on different regions of the world.

Historical Statistics of the United States (NU Only) An update and expansion of summary census data: labor, law enforcement, population, military, and much more.

International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Science (NU Only) based on topic rather than country or time period, useful for themes and approaches

International Historical Statistics (NU Only) covers a range of socioeconomic data.

Oxford Bibliographies (NU Only) provides annotated bibliographies of common history topics

Oxford English Dictionary (NU Only) get definitions and history of words and phrases ("Jim Crow", "genocide", "antinomian", etc)

Journal Articles  

JSTOR (NU Only) is the most popular and comprehensive of our resources for scholarly articles in history and related disciplines.

Anthrosource (NU Only) search for all books and journal articles in anthropology

Social Sciences Citation Index and Humanities Citation Index (Web of Science), (NU Only) allows citation tracking for examining citing and cited works in scholarly publications. Find widely-cited works, high-impact journals using this database.

People and Biography 

American National Bibliography Online (NU Only) short biographies of American men and women who have shaped our history

Biography in Context (NU Only) Journal articles about famous people; international in scope

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (NU Only) short biographies of people who have shaped the history of Great Britain

Archives and Primary Sources

See the tabs along the top of this guide for regions and topics. 

ArchiveGrid: shows which North American libraries have archives and manuscripts on your topic, locale, organization, or individual. This is a way of finding printed and handwritten original documents and artifacts.

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL), is a shared repository of primary source material including historic newspapers and magazines and international documents.  Some is digitized, some can be sent to you in print using interlibrary loan. 

Empire Online (NU Only) is a digital library of primary source materials related to the history of empires from 1607.  The focus is on essays and grey literature such as travel writings, missionary reports, maps and drawings, and less on official reports.  There are some secondary sources including chronologies and scholarly essays.

History Vault (NU Only) complete digitized archival collections on US history, mostly from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, notably NAACP papers, records on the Woman Suffrage movement, oral histories from Ellis Island, and various government commissions.

Subject Guide

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